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2 月出品分 7”s
YB12 Ryging - Prince Buster
Ten Commandments - Prince Buster
REGGAE 70s YB51 Got No Time To Lose - Bobby Sarkee
REGGAE 80s YB64 Let Off Supm - D.Brown & G.Isaacs
YB66 She No Ready Yet - Michael Palmer
YB67 Give Me Your Love - Madoo
YB69 Princess Black - Edi Fitzroy
YB71 Rosie - Don Angelo
YB74 The Peoples Court - Mutabaruka & Gray Saddler
DANCE HALL YB95 Who Control Them - Michael Prophet
3 月出品分 7”s
YC05 More Love - Tommy McCook
True Confession - Silvertons
YC07 Deacon Johnson - Scratch & Dynamitesl
So Good - Roland Alphonso
YC08 Lonesome Feelings - Wailers
There She Goes - Wailers
YC09 Play Girl - Paragons
YC13 Easy Sqyeeze - Alton & Hortense Ellis
All Rudies In Jail - Zoot Simms
YC22 Everyday Is Just A Holiday - Sensations
Moon Light Groover - Winston Wright
YC26 Party Time - Baba Brooks
Skilamy - Aston & Yen
STUDIO1 YC28 Get In The Groove - Heptones
REGGAE 70s YC38 Trench Town Rock - Bob Marley & Wailers
YC41 Wicked Babylon - Mighty Waners
YC43 I Am Not Ashamed - Culture
YC44 Have No Fear - Dennis Brown
YC45 Part Of My Life - John Holt
Loving Memories - John Holt
YC47 John Public - Gregory Isaacs
YC49 Now I Know - Wayne Wade
YC51 Coptic Time - Tyrone Taylor
YC55 Leaving Me - Ken Boothe
REGGAE 80s YC62 Kick Up Rumpus - Colorman
YC68 She's A Regular - Jr Reid
YC70 No Vacancy - Sugar Minott
YC75 If There's A Song - Beres Hammond
Love Delight - Bers Hammond
YC76 Off The Aire - Jenifer Lala
YC78 Pupa Lick - Dean Frazer
DANCE HALL YC83 The Way It Is With You - Nicky Parchment
4 月出品分 7”s
YD01 Say Say Business - Jackie Opel
I'll Get Along - Jackie Opel
YD02 Money Hungry - Eric Morris
Those Teardrops- Eric Morris
YD03 Peace & Love - Lester Sterling
Hold On - Harris Seaton
YD04 Milk Lane Hop - Clue J & His Blues Blasters
Hully Gully Dance - Owen Gray
YD05 Angela - Winston Samuels
Yes I Am Leaving - Winston Samuels
YD06 Free Ticket - Karl Bryan
Man Of Wisdom - Eric Morris
YD07 You Couldn't Believe - Trevor Wilson
You Told Me You Care - Trevor Wilson
YD08 Don't Leave Me - Bobby Aitken & Tinse
Mom & Dad - Bobby Aitken & Tinse
YD09 Ska Bostello - Soul Brothers
Looking Through The Window - Don Drummond
YD10 Everybody Ska - Prince Buster
30 Pieces Of Silver - Prince Buster
YD11 unknown title Jingle Bells Ska?(WI O 608 A)-Unknown Group
unknown title Jonah?(WI O 608 B)-unknown male vocal
YD12 Babylon Gone - Winston & Roy
First Gone(inst.) - Count Ossie
YD13 She's So Young - D.Morgan & Yvonne
Miss Lulu - Derrick MOrgan
YD14 Bartender - Laurel Aitken
Mash Potato Boggie - Laurel Aitken
YD15 Duck Soup - Drumbago All Stars
Love Not To Brag - Derrick & Patsy
YD16 Love And Leave Me - LLoyd Clarke
Merry Twist (inst.) - unknown
YD17 Jamaica Ska - Byron Lee
Oil In My Lamp - Eric Morris
YD18 Collins And The Boys - Collins & Bob Stackie
Bob Stackie In Soho - Collins & Bob Stackie
YD19 Nigeria - Hippy Boys
Picadilly Hop - Hippy Boys
YD20 Mr Fix It - Winston Francis
Struggler - Sound DImension
YD21 Dream Land - Roland Alphonso
54 - 46 - Maytals
YD22 Intensified Festival - Desmond Dekker
Coconut Water - Desmond Dekker
YD23 Sounds & Pressure - Prince Buster
African Blood - Prince Buster
YD24 Nice Time - Wailers
Sun Is Shining - Wailers
YD25 Music I Feel - Count Ossie
Run Girl - George Grossett
YD26 Mechanization - Vikings
Trouble - Vikings
YD27 Heart Of The Knights - Lennox Brown
STUDIO1 YD28 Pleading(Darling) - Ken Boothe
Good Enough - Clyde Alphonso
YD29 Mad Mad - Alton Ellis
YD30 Black Birds Singing - Paragons
YD31 Never Give Your Heart Away - Carlton & Shoes
YD32 Bongo Red - Gladiators
REGGAE 70s YD33 Black Cinderella - Errol Dunkley
YD34 Better Beware - Rocking Horse
YD35 Up Warika Hill - Augustus Pablo
YD36 Way Back Home - Count Ossie
Oh Carolaina - Count Ossie
YD37 Take Five part1 - Fat Man Riddim Section
YD38 Smile Jamaica - Bob Marley
YD39 Chant I - Bob Marley
Curfew - Bob Marley
YD40 Brand New Second Hand - Peter Tosh
YD41 Legalize Collie Herb - Black Slate
Boom Boom - Black Slate
YD42 Rasta No Born Yah - Sang Hugh
YD43 Three Wise Men - Earth & Stone
YD44 Waiting In Vain - Leroy Smart
YD45 Till I Kiss You - Jimmy London
YD46 Touch Me In The Morning - Hortense Ellis
YD47 You Are The Fool - Ronnie Davis
YD48 Don't Get Weary - Tony Brevett
YD49 Something Nice - Gregory Isaacs
YD50 Don't Look Back - Boris Gardiner
Oh If I Loose Your Love - Boris Gardiner
YD51 Back Seat Driver - Ted(Jacob) Miller
YD52 Children Children - Scotty
YD53 Back Wey Yu Vulture - Ranking Joe
YD54 Make A Truce - Aletha & Donna
YD55 Jah Jah Call You - U.Roy
YD56 Wicked Situation - Brigadier Jerry
YD57 Poliomylitis - El Fego Barker
YD58 Bicycle Bicycle - Early B
YD59 Don't Stray - Junior Reid
YD60 Aint No Sunshine - Phillp Frazer
YD61 She Have To Get It - Triston Palma
YD62 Once A Man - Freddie McGregor
YD63 Rewind - Johnny Osbourne
YD64 Little Girl Come On - Johnny Osbourne
YD65 Too Quick - Admiral Bailey
YD66 Donkey Ride - Ugly Man
YD67 Rambo - Joe Manix
YD68 Raggamuffin Selector - Malibu
YD69 Sound Boy - Screw Driver
YD70 We Don't Pet Sound Boy - Gregory Isaacs
YD71 Go Home Sound Boy - Coco Tea
YD72 Sound Boy Watch You Aproach - Chris Wayne
YD73 Boy Back Off - Ninja Ford
YD74 Anti Crack - Fitzroy Simpson
YD75 Madona - Conroy Smith
YD76 Be There Where You Are - Peaches
YD77 Sexy Girl - Malibu & Derrick Irie
YD78 Man Fi Let Off - Black Chiney & Indo