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11月出品分 7”s
YM06 Rub It Down - Bibby & Astronauts
Wicked Man - Bibby & Astronauts
REGGAE70s YM19 With All Your Heart - Pat Kelly
He Ain't Heavy - Pat Kelly
YM21 I'm In The Mood For Love - I.ROy & Heptones
YM30 Back Out - Wailing Souls
YM33 Tradition - Cimarons
YM34 Pay The Price - David Robinson
YM41 take Your Time Fattie - Jah Woosh
REGGAE 80s YM43 Champion Woman - Gregory Isaacs
YM44 Sexy & Fat - Ranchie Shark
YM52 The War - Pearls
DANCE HALL YM56 Tempo - Red Rose
YM66 Rock & Cry - Cornell Campbell
YM68 I Wanna Know - Freddie McGregor
YM71 Acid A Wear - Junior History
YM72 Love Them So Much - Junior Demus
YM77 Invasion SA - Brigadier Jerry
12月出品分 7”s
YN01 Break These Chains - Sony Bair
Cudelia Brown - Sony Bair
YN11 Planet Rock - Rico's Combo
You Win - Whisky
YN15 Unchained - Bob Andy
Let Him Go - Wailers
STUDIO1 YN17 Do You Love Me - John Holt
Wives And Lovers - Jackie Mittoo
REGGAE 70s YN20 Forward Up - Stingers
YN27 Forward To Africa - Culture
YN30 Tipper Tone Rocking - Big Youth
REGGAE 80s YN32 I Remember Mama - Sugar Minott
YN34 Princess Black - Edi Fitzroy
YN35 Fighting - Little John
YN38 She Too Bummy - Barrington Levy
YN39 More Than A Million - Leroy Smart
YN41 I've Got Love - Rod Taylor
YN42 Money Talk - Tony Tuff
YN44 Rub A Dub Sound - Sugar Minott
YN45 Taxi Connection - Sly & Robbie
YN46 Bubbling Style - Little John
YN52 Money Move - Barrington Levy
YN53 Hotter The Battle - Leroy Smart
DANCE HALL YN56 Rappa Pam Pam - Junior Reid
YN58 Mr Bassie - Horace Andy
YN59 Wild Sanchez - Sanchez
YN60 Honey Girl - Frankey Paul
YN63 All I Want For Christmas - Ini Kamoze
YN66 Nah Lef Ya - Josey Wales
1月出品分 7”s
YP01 Rest Yourself - Lord Tanamo
Rolling Stone - Lord Tanamo
YP02 Musical Communion - Baba Brooks
If You Want Pardon - Higgs & Wilson
YP03 Wigger Wee Shuffle - Derrick Morgan
Leave Earth - Derrick MOrgan
YP04 Never Again - Winston Samuels
My Angel - Winston Samuels
YP05 Hopeful Village Ska - Roy Richards
Ungreatful Baby - Delroy Wilson
YP06 You Lied - Rita Marley
Craw Fish - Soul Brothers
YP07 Love In The Afternoon - Tommy McCook
Shang I - Lloyd Charmers
YP08 Little Brown Girl - D.Morgan & Patys
Mow Sen Wa - Derrick Morgan
YP09 I've Gotta Get There - Blues Busters
Irreplaceable You - Blues Busters
YP10 Pied Piper - Bob & Marcia
Save Me - Bob & Marcia
YP11 My Jamaican Girl - Gaylads
YP12 Equality & Justice - Paragons
Sounds Of The Wise - U. Roy
YP13 Bald Headed Teacher - Trevor Lambert
REGGAE 70s YP14 Darling Ooh - Errol Dunkley
YP15 Back Out - Wailing Souls
YP16 Second Hand - Peter Tosh
YP17 Now You Can See Me Again - Ken Boothe
YP18 Why Can't I Touch You - Webber Sisters
Sweet Dreams - Webber Sisters
YP19 Craven Choke Puppy - Bob Marley
YP20 World In My Arms - Horace Andy
YP21 Satisfaction Feeling - Dennis & Heptones
YP22 Mother Lisa - Leroy Smart
YP23 Baby I Love You - Jacob Miller
YP24 Rat Race - Bob Marley
YP25 Master Blaster - Mike Ro Funn
YP26 African - Dennis Brown
YP27 The World Upside Down - Joe Higgs
YP28 Dread At The Control - Mikey Dread
YP29 Back Wey Yu Vulture - Ranking Joe
REGGAE 80s YP30 Jamaica Sweet - Coco Tea
YP31 Jamaica Sweet - Coco Tea
YP32 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YP33 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YP34 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YP35 Reggae Man - Coco Tea
YP36 Reggae Man - Coco Tea
YP37 Reggae Man - Coco Tea
YP38 No Sizzling - Frankey Paul
YP39 Doctor Love - Annette Brisette
YP40 Danger In Your Eyes - Mighty Diamonds
YP41 Jamming So - Madoo
YP42 Solomon - Nitty Gritty
YP43 Rock It Over Here - Pad Anthony
YP44 On The Attack - Triston Palma
YP45 This Little Girl - Triston Palma
YP46 Let's Dance - Hopeton Lindo
YP47 More Than Words Can Say - J.C.Lodge
YP48 Haul & Pull Up - Pa Pa Bruce
YP49 No Weapon - Jr Cat
YP50 Four Wheel Wheely - S.Minott & Chaplin
YP51 Slick Chap - Papa Robert
DANCE HALL YP52 La La La - Everton Chambers
YP53 Touch Me All Over - Jennifer Lala
YP54 Virgina Jail - Foxy Brown
YP55 She Is Mine - Half Pint
YP56 Wha A Gwaan - Sanchez
Judgement? - Ward 21?
YP57 From Mi Born - Triston Palma & Mr Pants
YP58 Love You Too Much - Wayne Wade
YP59 Fire - Aswad & Shabba
YP60 Rough Neck Sound - Ed Robinson
YP61 I'm The Ghetto - Bunny Rugs
YP62 One Blood - Junior Reid
YP63 Can't Test - Courtney Melody
YP64 Ram Dance Hall - King Everald
YP65 Sid Down Pon It - Super Cat
YP66 No 1 Pon The Look Good Chart - Capleton
YP67 My Weapon - Ninjaman
YP68 Excuse Me - Ninjaman
YP69 Who Dem A Try Fe Fool - Admiral Bailey & Chaplin
YP70 Nasty Gal Fi Get Lick - Lecture
YP71 Cock Up & Wine - Junior Cat
YP72 Father And Son - Junior Demus
YP73 Original Ninja - Nahki
YP74 Goat Rider - Bunny General
YP75 Fattie Bum Bum - Chirs Wayne & Tuffest