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2月出品分 7”s
YQ21 Poor Man Pickney - Sugar Minott
YQ23 Another Girl - Triston Palma & Phillip Frazer
DANCE HALL YQ29 What A Trick - Edi Fitzroy
YQ32 Dreaming - Foxy Brown
YQ35 Dress Back - Skatta
YQ39 Send Fi Josey - Josey Wales
YQ43 Crying Fool - Tiger
YQ44 The System - Squinger Ranks
YQ45 Hurry Up - Lt. Stitchie
YQ46 Dirt Heart - Coco Tea & Ninja Man
YQ48 Mus Lie Down - Johnny P & Super Chick
2月出品分 12"s
70s & 80s
YQ66 Leaving Babylon - Sugar Minott
3出品分 7”s
REGGAE 70s YR10 Children On The Mountain Top - Carlton Livingston
YR20 Nuh Two Year Old - Lyrical
YR23 Here I Come Again - Pinchers
YR24 Now A Day Girl - SUper Black
3月 出品分 10”s、12”
YR42 Mr President Man - Wild Bunch
unknown inst.
YR46 No Good Girl - B B Seaton
YR53 Know Your Culture - Mighty Diamonds
I Don't Mind What You Are Saying - Mighty Diamonds
YR54 Conscious Girl - Barry Brown
School Days - Barry Brown
YR63 Virgin Girl - Eek A Mouse & Lui Lepki
YR66 Jumpy Girl - Barrington Levy
Night Life - Jah Thomas
4月 出品分 7”s
60s YS02 Message To My Girl - Gaylads
You'll Never Leave Him - Gaylads
YS03 Stampede - Baba Brooks
Come Bail Me - Justin Hinds
YS11 Him Pon Top - Calyso Man
YS13 Charistmas Affair - Roman Stewart
YS14 Cherry Oh Baby - Eric Donalldson
YS16 Wise As A Serpent - DYnamic Boys
YS20 Tribulation - Dennis Brown
YS21 Mount Zion - Errol Dunkley
YS27 Reggae Man - Coco Tea
YS28 Reggae Man - Coco Tea
YS29 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YS30 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YS31 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YS32 Wrong Move - Sugar Minott
YS33 Jamaica Sweet - Coco Tea
YS34 Jamaica Sweet - Coco Tea
YS35 Jamaica Sweet - Coco Tea
YS36 The Light - Ze Menfe Kiddus
YS37 Pretty Me - Patrick Andy
YS41 Junior Nature - Junior Reid
dance hall YS43 A We Jambo - Michael Palmer
YS44 Gal Baton - Red Dragon
YS45 Champion Whiner - Flourgon
YS51 No Man Is An Island - Half Pint
YS52 Burning Down Rome - Junior Reid & Mykal Rose
YS53 Cowboy Town - Gregory Isaacs & Ninjaman
YS54 Pressure On Botha - Jimmy Cliff & Josey Wales
YS55 Wicked In Bed - Shabba Ranks
YS57 Miss You Like Crazy - Madoo
5月 出品分 7”s
60s YT01 Perfidia - Raymond Harper
Thrills In MY Heart - Raymond Harper
YT02 Iron Bar - Lord Tanmo
Dance With You - Lord Tanamo
YT03 Old For New - Lee Perry
The Prince And The Duke - Lee Perry
YT04 I Don't Know Why I Love You - Winston Stewart
You Should Never Do That - Gaylads
YT05 Egal Ok - Soul Brothers
Green Moon - Soul Brothers
YT06 Press Along - Zoot Simms
Peace Be Still - Prince Buster
YT07 Drum Song - Soul Vendors
Yakety Yak - Cool Spoon
YT08 Woman Of Sumeria - Spanishites
Over & Over - Jackie Robinson
YT09 My Jamaican Girl - Gaylads
YT10 Calypso Joe - Ray Johnson
If You Don't Want Me Baby - Ray Johnson
70s YT11 Wrong Doers - Sugar Minott
YT12 This Old Man - Sugar Minott
YT13 Woman Shadow - Sugar Minott
YT14 You're On My Mind - Ken Boothe
YT15 When I Am Ready - Freddy McGregor
YT16 Mudies Mood - Rhythm Ruler
Babylon Gone - Winston & Roy
YT17 School Days - Augustus Pablo
Batten Down - Trans AM All Stars
YT18 East Of The Rive Nile - Augustus Pablo
YT19 Mash Down - Roots
YT20 Stand Firm - Jacob Miller
YT21 Smile Jamaica - Bob Marley
YT22 Cool Out Sun - Junior Mervin
YT23 What Will I Do - Leroy Smart
YT24 Summer Time - Pat Kelly
YT25 You'll Never Know - Errol Dunkley
YT26 I Hope We Get To Love In Time - Dennis Brown
YT27 Woman A Cry - Johnny Clarke
YT28 Rub A Dub Evening - Joe Tex & U.Black
YT29 Chucky No Lucky - Big Youth
YT30 Jamaican Dollar - Trinity
YT31 Don't Geat Weary Joe Frazer - I.Roy
YT32 Up Town Thing - Trinity
YT33 Shank I Sheck - Bobby Ellis
80s YT34 Jumping Master - Mikey Dread
YT35 Don't Ever Leave - Marcia Griffiths
YT36 Lonely Street - Tyrone Taylor
YT37 Respection - Home T4
YT38 Like Soldier - Barrington Levy
YT39 Babylon Relase The Chain - Junior Reid
YT40 Nice Time - Robert French
YT41 Lovers Magic - Gregory Isaacs
YT42 Let's Dance - Judy Mowatt
YT43 Up Front - Wailing Souls
YT44 Been Talking - Michael Prophet
YT45 Your Mate - Little John
YT46 A So - Stereo(Enos McLeod)
YT47 Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger - J.C.Lodge
YT48 A Young One Like Me - Nadine Sutherland
YT49 Ghost Buster - Lilly Melody
YT50 Lazy Body - Echo Minott
YT51 Champion Bubbler - Malibu
YT52 Four Wheel Wheely - Charlie Chaplin & Sugar Minott
YT53 Telephone Chalice - Sister Nancy
YT54 Chalice - Charlei Chaplin
YT55 Youths Need Promotion - Fat Head
YT56 Jah Paradise - Super Cat
DANCE HALL YT57 Back Out - Johnny Osbourne
YT58 Don't Test - Junior Tucker
YT59 Reggae Reggae - Earl Sixteen
YT60 Haul And Pull Up Selector - Carl Meeks
YT61 Tell Him I Am Not At Home - Sanchez
YT62 Pass The Dub Plate - Brian & Tony Gold
YT63 Same Dog Bite You A Morning - Andrew Tosh
YT64 Upside Down - Triston Palma
YT65 How Yard A Run - Junior Reid
YT66 If You Love Me - Foxy Brown & Johnny P
YT67 Duppy - Colin Roach & Major Mackerel
YT68 Best Baby Father - Shabba Ranks
YT69 Boops - Super Cat
YT70 Do You Remember When - Sister Carrol