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12月 出品分 7”s
60s YC16 This Heart Of Mine - Jimmy James
Hi Diddley Dee Dun Dun - Jimmy James
YC17 Boss Of The Town - Smiley Burnett
Clementine - Smiley Burnett
70s YC22 Just For A Day- Pat Kelly
He Ain't Heavy - Pat Kelly
YC28 Every Little Thing - Sugar Minott
YC34 Ghetto Man - Royals
YC42 Ragnampaiza - Delliner
YC44 Hit The Road Jack - Big Youth
YC60 Trial And Crosses - Horace Fergeson
YC65 Done With The Badness - Sluggy
1月 出品分 7”s
YF06 Ti Pi Tin - Raymond Harper
Tuff Talk - Skatalites
YF07 Nothing For Nothing - Roland Alphonso
Rude Boy Train - Desmond Dekker
YF12 Shalimar Special - Lloyd Young
70s YF13 Peenie Wallie - Jackie Mittoo
Can't Go On - Roy Richards
YF21 Rhythm Rhythm - In Crowd
YF27 Oh Bombo Klaat - Peter Tosh
DANCE HALL YF29 Gusso Gusso - Kush Dan I
YF30 Run Come - D.Brown, G.Isaacs & F.McGregor
YF31 We Raggamuffin - John Mouse
YF32 Time After Time - Quench Aid
1月 出品分 12”s
YF38 Love Up Love Up - SUgar Minott
House Is Not A Home - Hortense Ellis
YF44 Spend Time With Me - Panchita Latouche.
Time Well Spent - Mel Collins & Nature Boy
YF54 Wake The Town - Tenor Saw
YF55 Mr Walker - Super Cat & Bruk Back
Play Girl - Techniques
YF56 You Are So Good Me - Frankey Paul
Baldhead Treat Your Woman Good - Little Kirk
2月 出品分 7”s
YH01 I'm In Love - Alton & Hortense
I'll Come Softly - Hortense Ellis
YH02 Water Melon Man Ska - Byron Lee
Last Night Ska - Byron Lee
YH03 Labour For Learning - Desmond Dekker
Parents - Desmond Dekker
YH04 Judgement Day - Laurel Aitken
Yea Yea Baby - Laurel Aitken
YH05 Bang Bang Lulu - Lloyd Terrel
I Never Knew - Mrs Miller
YH06 Take It Easy - Hopeton Lewis
YH07 Barb Wire - Nora Dean
Calypso Mama - Barons
YH08 Give Me The Right - Heptones
YH09 Swing & Dine - Melodians
Piccadily Hop - Hippy Boys
YH10 Party Time - Heptones
If You Knew - Heptones
YH11 Write Her A Letter - John Holt
Sunday Gravy - Neville Hinds
YH12 Walk The Hot Street - Carl Levey
You say You Don't Love Me - Peggy
YH13 No Soul Today - Al Brown
Where Do I Go Wrong - Ruffians
YH14 Liquidator - Harry J All Stars
Cool Down - Winston Hinds
YH15 I Shall Sing - Judy Mowatt
YH16 Mr Brown - Wailers
REGGAE 70s YH17 Go Away Pretty Girl - Freddie McGregor
YH18 Be A Man - Heptones
YH19 Woman Shadow - Sugar Minott
YH20 Ain't That Loving You - Hortense Ellis
YH21 Just My Imagination - Jimmy London
YH22 A Little Love - Jimmy London
YH23 Black Gold & Green - Ken Boothe
Suzie Q - Ken Boothe
YH24 My Reward - Ken Boothe
YH25 I Shall Not Remove - Cornel Campbell
YH26 Gorgon - Cornel Campbell
YH27 Him Pon Top - Calypso Man
YH28 I Saw You Pack Your Things - Delroy Wilson
YH29 Love Is The Light - Horace Andy
YH30 Woman Is Li ke A Shadow - Meditations
YH31 No More Running - Al Campbell
Never Too Late - Al Campbell & Jah Stitch
YH32 House Of Parliament - Meditations
YH33 Blacker Sound - Bim Sherman
YH34 Dub Organizer - Augustus Pablo
Too Late - Augustus Pablo
YH35 Zambia - Jammys & King Tubbys
YH36 Foundation Skank - U.Roy
YH37 Fe Me Version - I.Roy
REGGAE 80s YH38 Standing On The Corner - Jennifer Lala & Devon RUssell
YH39 Chant Down Babylon - Hugh Griffiths
YH40 Pon The Corner - Triston Palma
YH41 Mary - Gregory Isaacs
YH42 Secretary - Gregory Isaacs
YH43 Top Ten - Gregory Isaacs
YH44 Soon Forward - Gregory Isaacs
YH45 Conscious Dread - Leroy Smart
YH46 Backra - Johnny Osbournet
YH47 Look How Me Sexy - Linval Thompson
YH48 Looking My Love - Barrington Levy
YH49 Prison Oval Rock - Barrington Levy
YH50 Take Heed - Johnny Clarke
YH51 Mother To Be - Earl 16
YH52 Galong - Steve Knight
YH53 Dance Hall Style - Tony Tuff
YH54 Liquor Connection - SUper Bum
YH55 Who Goes There - Josey Wales
YH56 Bam Salute - Lee Van Cliff
YH57 Throw Me Corn - unknown DJ
YH58 Fudge Man - Ringo
YH59 Spar With Me - Tpyan
YH60 Operation Eradication - Yellowman & Fathead
YH61 The Gilr Is Mine - Yellowman & Peter Metro
YH62 Cry For The Ape - Welton Irie
DANCE HALL YH63 Lady Lady - Michael Prophet
YH64 Really In Love Again - Lloyd Parks
YH65 Lady In Red - Sanchez
YH66 Don Man Girl - Gregory Isaacs & J.C.Lodge
YH67 Listen To Mama - Courtney Melody
YH68 Watche Man - Daddy Blue
YH69 Melba - Tiger
YH70 Show Dem The Way - Daddy Lizard
YH71 Love Bubble Up - Ninjaman , Ella Star & Lady Mackerel